2008 Trades


Springfield trades Ray Durham, Matt Albers, $1,600,000 to Port Richey for Mark Loretta, Dioner Navarro

Springfield trades Edinson Volquez, Dioner Navarro, Steve Trachsel, SPR 2009 #2 pick to Chatham for Jorge Posada

Springfield trades Dave Ross to Louisville for LOU 2008 #7 pick

Springfield trades Vicente Padilla, SPR 2008 Bonus pick to Superior for Livan Hernandez

Metropolis trades Melvin Mora to Maine for Brian Giles

North Georgia trades Adam LaRoche, Shea Hillenbrand to Texas for Scott Thorman, $1,500,000, TEX 2008 #3 pick, TEX 2009 #4 pick

North Georgia trades YEL 2009 #1 pick, YEL 2009 #3 pick to Santa Barbara for $3,500,000


Plaza trades Andy LaRoche, Joel Peralta, Gabe Gross, PLA 2008 #2 pick to Texas for Aaron Heilman, Chone Figgans

Metropolis trades Brian Giles to Parkland for PAR 2009 #5 pick

MARCH 2008

Fleetwood trades Bobby Crosby to Tinley for TIN 2009 #1 pick

Texas trades Roger Clemens to Santa Barbara for Corey Patterson

Santa Barbara trades Michael Barrett, Wes Littleton, $300,000 to Louisville for LOU 2009 #3 pick

Charm City trades Ryan Howard, Sidney Ponson to Metropolis for Derrek Lee, Ross Detwiler, Carlos Quentin, Tyler Clippard, $8,000,000

Chatham trades Takashi Saito to Bloomington for Dan Wheeler, Collin Balester, Michael Main

MAY 2008

Bloomington trades Toby Hall to Simi Valley for the remaining contract cost. Simi Valley cuts Jerome Williams to reach 55-man limit

JUNE 2008

North Georgia trades Doug Davis to Santa Barbara for Taylor Tankersley, Joe Thatcher

Glen Allen trades Barry Zito, $1,500,000 to Santa Barbara for Tom Glavine, Ty Wigginton

Simi Valley trades Jeremy Bonderman to Santa Barbara for Doug Davis, Kevin Mulvey

Texas trades Kenny Lofton, $2,800,000 to Springfield for Logan Kensing, Jeff Salazar

Springfield trades Billy Traber to Louisville for LOU 2009 #6 pick. Louisville cuts Chris Bootcheck to reach 55-man limit.

Metropolis trades Matt Holliday, Victor Martinez to Brooklyn for Rick Porcello, Andrew Miller, Felix Pie, Shelley Duncan, Josh Paul, Doug Mirabelli, Koyie Hill, BRO 2010 #2 pick

JULY 2008

Bloomington trades Willie Harris to North Georgia for YEL 2009 #5 pick

Chatham trades Aaron Harang to Springfield for Ryan Garko, Shin-Soo Choo, Blaine Boyer

Springfield trades Livan Hernandez, $2,680,000 to Superior for the remaining contract cost

Texas trades Rafael Betancourt to Brooklyn for Jeremy Affeldt, BRO 2009 #2 pick

Simi Valley trades Alex Rodriguez, Yhency Brazoban, Shane Lindsay to Bloomington for Adrian Beltre, Santiago Casilla, Jose Ceda, Tyler Colvin. Simi Valley cuts Mark McLemore to reach 55-man limit.

Fleetwood trades Dave Bush to Simi Valley for VIK 2010 #3 pick. Simi Valley cuts Adam Melhuse to reach 55-man limit.

Springfield trades Billy Buckner to Chatham for CHA 2009 #6 pick

Chatham trades Macier Izturis to Santa Barbara for Carlos Triunfel, Ben Zobrist

Texas trades Willie Eyre to Chatham for CHA 2009 #7 pick

Malibu trades Scott Spiezio to North Georgia for YEL 2009 #7 pick

Malibu trades So Taguchi to Brooklyn for BRO 2009 #7 pick

Texas trades Frank Thomas to Springfield for SPR 2009 #7 pick

Maine trades Jimmy Rollins to Santa Barbara for Mariano Rivera, $2,166,833, Jack Wilson, Jeff Niemann, Justin Germano

Texas trades Ron Villone to Brooklyn for BRO 2009 #3 pick


Cook County trades John Patterson, $325,000 to Superior for the remainder of Patterson's contract. Superior cuts Aaron Sele to reach 55-man limit.

Brooklyn trades Kaz Matsui, BRO 2009 #1 pick to Malibu for Placido Polanco, Joe Beimel, $833,333


Ocala trades Derek Jeter, OCA 2009 #5 to Santa Barbara for Brian Bannister

Superior trades Kevin Youkilis, Joel Hanrahan to Cook County for Aaron Laffey, Radhames Liz, Adam Lind, J.R. Towles, Anibal Sanchez, Nick Masset

Superior trades Grant Balfour to Cook County for Cla Meredith, MAU 2009 #3

Tinley trades Jason Varitek, $2,500,000 to Springfield for Nate Robertson, CHA 2009 #6

Simi Valley trades Mark Buehrle, Joakim Soria to Ionia for Yovani Gallardo, Carlos Gonzalez, Alexi Casilla, David Price

Cook County trades Troy Tulowitzki, Clayton Kershaw to Simi Valley for Jose Reyes, Todd Wellemeyer

Ionia trades Robinson Cano, Scott Elbert to Metropolis for Brian Roberts, $150,000

Ionia trades David DeJesus to Springfield for Mike Gonzalez, $600,000

Metropolis trades Rafael Furcal, AVE 2010 #6 to Fleetwood for FLE 2010 #3

Fleetwood trades Jesus Flores to Simi Valley for VIK 2010 #2, VIK 2009 #3

Santa Barbara trades Gary Sheffield, $1,500,000, Jamie Burke to Malibu for Blake DeWitt, MAL 2009 #4

Thousand Oak trades Roy Halladay, Nick Swisher, Chris Perez, Josh Johnson to Cook County for Alex Rios, Jonathan Sanchez, Jonathan Broxton


Metropolis trades Vladimir Guerrero, $2,000,000 to Ionia for Jeremy Hermida, Chien-Ming Wang, Jeff Niemann, Tom Gordon

Metropolis trades Vernon Wells to Springfield for Willy Aybar, SPR 2010 #3

Palm Harbor trades Ray Durham to Springfield for Garrett Olson

Springfield trades Mark Loretta, $600,000 to Ionia for ION 2009 #3

Thousand Oaks trades Ivan Rodriguez to Los Angeles for Fred Lewis

Plaza trades James Loney to Thousand Oaks for Jonathan Broxton, OAK 2009 #2, OAK 2010 #3

Texas trades Adam LaRoche to Palm Harbor for EVE 2009 #3

Fleetwood trades Randy Johnson to Hessville for HES 2010 #2

Cook County trades Darin Erstad, Joey Gathright to Simi Valley for John Grabow, VIK 2009 #6

Ionia trades Chad Qualls to Plaza for PLA 2009 #2, $1,000,000

Fleetwood trades Scott Downs, FLE 2009 #3, $300,000 to Ionia for ION 2009 #1


Metropolis trades AVE 2010 #3 to Hessville for Mark Grudzielanek, Erick Aybar

Springfield trades Cristian Guzman, SPR 2009 #3, $3,500,000 to Ionia for Francisco Liriano

Santa Barbara trades Barry Zito, $7,000,000 to Superior for Jason Kendall

Simi Valley trades Ryan Church to Brooklyn for BRO 2009 Bonus, BRO 2010 #4

Plaza trades Michael Cuddyer, Manny Acosta, PLA 2009 #1 to North Georgia for Joe Nathan, Willie Harris

Simi Valley trades Cliff Floyd, $725,000 to Plaza for Javier Lopez

Springfield trades Joe Blanton, David Riske, $1,000,000 to Charm City for Matt Capps, DRA 2009 #2