2001 Trades


Box City trades Travis Lee to Columbus for $750,000

Cook County trades Troy O'Leary, $400,000 to North Georgia for North Georgia 2001 #3, #5

Plaza trades Antonio Alfonseca to Plaza for Eddie Guardado, $150,000

Brooklyn trades Darin Erstad, Jose Paniagua to Iowa for Magglio Ordonez

Santa Barbara trades Ron Coomer, Shane Spencer, McKay Christiansen to Santa Barbara for Eric Owens

Columbus trades Columbus 2002 #1, #2 to Metropolis for 2001 #17 and #19 overall picks, John Mabry (contract paid)

Box City trades Jay Buhner, Ed Sprague to Cook County for Pete Harnisch, $1,036,333

Metropolis trades Columbus 2001 #2, $1,600,000 to Toledo for Carlos Pena, Alberto Castillo

Ocala trades Ocala 2002 #7 to Metropolis for Ben Diggins

Metropolis trades 2001 Long Island #1, Fleetwood #4, Columbus #4, Long Island #4 to Ocala for Russ Branyan, Ocala 2002 #2

Cook County trades Cook County 2001 #6 to Glen Allen for Jose Vizcaino (contract paid)


Gem City trades Juan Cruz, Gem City #1, #3 in 2003 to Metropolis for $2,000,000

Stanley trades Brian Cooper, Stanley #7 in 2002 to Plaza for Frank Menechino, Plaza #6 in 2002

Fleetwood trades Benard Gilkey to Metropolis for $100,000

Minnesota trades Steve Parris, Carlos Almanzar, Stan Belinda, Willie Greene, Jason Johnson, Chad Hutchinson, Michael Resvich, Minnesota #2 in 2003 to Metropolis for Jason Bere, Bobby Bonilla

Box City trades Rob Ducey to Metropolis for $50,000

Toledo trades Delino Deshields, Arthur Rhodes, $876,667 to Santa Barbara for Fernando Seguignol, Eric Owens

Box City trades John Burkett to Santa Barbara for $99,000

Fleetwood trades Craig Grebeck, $400,000 to Morris for Morris #5 in 2002

Columbus trades Travis Lee, Ramon Castro to Metropolis for Stan Javier

Brooklyn trades Matt Ginter, Desi Relaford, Brooklyn #1,#3 in 2003 to Metropolis for $2,000,000

Plaza trades Butch Huskey to Fleetwood for James Moun, Fleetwood #5 in 2002, $100,000

Toledo trades Matt Kinney to Metropolis for Travis Lee

MARCH 2001

Georgia trades Matt Franco to Metropolis for $50,000

Columbus trades Mike James to Georgia for Jason Christensen

Cook County trades Benito Santiago to Georgia for $625,000

Georgia trades Chris Holt to Racine for $3,000,000

JUNE 2001

Morris trades Jim Edmonds (paid) to Fleetwood for Lee Stevens (paid), Ricky Ledee (paid), Ryan Anderson, Fleetwood 2002 #1, $1,500,000

Bloomington trades Mark McGwire, Mark McLemore, Kevin Appier to Stanley for Juan Gonzalez, Carlos Febles, Vinny Castilla, Stanley 2002 #2, $2,500,000

JULY 2001

Ocala trades Greg Myers to Morris for $1

Gem City trades Will Cordero, $100,000 to Plaza for Adam Benero, Midre Cummings

Columbus trades John Mabry (paid), Columbus 2002 #4 to Gem City for Brad Fullmer


Ocala trades T.J. Mathews to Wauwatosa for $15,000

Fleetwood trades Raul Ibanez to Wauwatosa for $500,000

Box City trades Brant Brown to Wauwatosa for $10,000

Stanley trades Kevin Barker to Racine for $20,000

Bloomington trades Alan Mills, Dan Wheeler to Wauwatosa for $35,000


Gem City trades Luke Prokopec, Brad Wilkerson to Metropolis for Jason Johnson, Desi Relaford

Wauwatosa trades Alfonso Soriano, Wauwatosa 2002 #3 to Cook County for Hank Blalock, Justin Morneau

Stanley trades Ted Lilly, Wes Helms, Stanley 2003 #4 to Santa Barbara for John Burkett, Santa Barbara 2002 #4

Minnesota trades Daryl Kile to Gem City for Gem City 2002 #2, #4

Minnesota trades David Weathers to Stanley for Stanley 2002 #3, $300,000

Racine trades Phil Nevin to Ocala for Juan Encarnacion, Kris Wilson


Columbus trades Dicky Gonzalez, Aaron Myette, Paxton Crawford, Brandon Inge, Columbus 2003 #4 to Toledo for Kelvim Escobar, Denny Neagle, Xavier Nady

Columbus trades Daryle Ward, Dernell Stenson, Ron Belliard to Charlevoix for John Olerud, Ray Durham

Morris trades Ryan Anderson, Morris 2002 #1 to Plaza for Luis Gonzalez


Morris trades Tim Salmon, Brent Abernathy to Santa Barbara for Robin Ventura, John Rocker, Ellis Burks, $2,337,416

Plaza trades Matt Anderson to Charlevoix for Larry Bigbie, Aaron Rowand

Springfield trades Raul Ibanez to Fleetwood for $500,000

Springfield trades Rickey Henderson to Box City for $300,000

Morris trades Tony Womack, John Franco, Mike Kinkade $4,266,667 to Plaza for Rich Auriilia and Jeff Zimmerman

Springfield trades Tyler Houston to Charlevoix for Charlevoix 2002 #4

Brooklyn trades Mike Thurman,  Jake Westbrook to Plaza for Woody Williams


Plaza trades Eddie Guardado to Stanley for Kevin Young, Scott Hatteberg, $1,000,000

Cook County trades Tony Blanco, Britt Reames, Wes Anderson to Box City for Abraham Nunez, David Justice, Ray Lankford

Charlevoix trades Doug Creek to Minnesota for Deivi Cruz

Cook County trades Darren Oliver to Charlevoix for Javier Cardona

Gem City trades Jeff Bagwell, Desi Relaford, Pat Rapp to Cook County for Chan Ho Park, Julio Lugo

Toledo trades Gary Sheffield, Steve Kline, Morris 2002 #5 to Cook County for Edgar Martinez, Roberto Hernandez, Pat Rapp, Cook County 2003 #1

Morris trades $1,000,000 to Santa Barbara for Orlando Hernandez

Toledo trades Trevor Hoffman, Scott Linebrink to Minnesota for Ryan Ludwick, Mike Williams, Minnesota 2003 #1

Columbus trades Aaron Fultz, Xavier Nady, Columbus 2003 #1 to Ocala for Jeremy Giambi, Matt Wise

Brooklyn trades Ben Petrick to Santa Barbara for Javy Lopez, $750,000

Georgia trades Ruben Quevedo, Georgia 2002 #2 to Springfield for Todd Walker, Springfield 2002 #5

Glen Allen trades John Flaherty to Brooklyn for Brooklyn 2002 #5

Toledo trades Wilton Guerrero, Mike Stanton, Metropolis 2002 #5 to Brooklyn for Steve Woodard, Brooklyn 2002 #4, 2003 #4