2000 Trades


Iowa trades Ronnie Belliard to Columbus for Carlos Lee

Brooklyn trades Bill Spiers to Plaa for Edgard Clemente and $1,000,000

Gem City trades Gem City 2000 #1 to Santa Barbara for Jose Offerman, Minnesota 2000 #4 and $200,000

Minnesota trades $2,100,000 to Stanley for Santa Barbara 200 #1, Stanley 2000 #3, Stanley 2000 Bonus Round

Brooklyn trades Randy Johnson to Stanley for Magglio Ordonez, Mike Thurman, Steve Woodard, Frank Rodriguez, $2,000,000 and Ocala 2000 #1

Metropolis trades Pat Hentgen, Gil Meche, Ted Lilly, Miguel Cairo and $3,500,000 to Stanley for Aramis Ramirez, Jeremy Giambi, Stanley 2000 #1, #2 and Stanley 2001 #1

Santa Barbara trades Andy Pettitte to Brooklyn for Ocala 2000 #1, Eric Munson, $1,500,000

Columbus trades Brad Fullmer, Donnie Sadler to North Georgia for Adam Everett

Metropolis trades Jeff King, Jim Pittsley, Paul Sorrento, Gregg Jefferies to Fleetwood for $100,000

MARCH 2000

Cook County trades Chad Hermanson, Ramon Hernandes, Jon Garland, Buddy Carlyle, Tino Martinez, Mike Jackson, Delino Deshields, $3,000,000 to Morris for Brady Anderson, Jay Bell, Matt LeCroy

Ocala trades Pablo Ozuna to Morris for Edgar Martinez

Stanley trades Kevin Jordan to Morris for $500,000

North Georgia trades Jeff Reed to Florida for Ken Hill

JUNE 2000

Cook County trades Jeff Kent, $100,000 to Box City for Bret Saberhagen, Pat Kelly

Metropolis trades $100,000 to Fleetwood for Paul Sorrento, Jeff Reboulet

JULY 2000

Gem City trades Jim Parque, Gem City 2001 #2 to Jose Lima, $3,000,000

Box City trades Bret Boone, Box City 2001 #6 to Brooklyn for Alex Fernandez

Metropolis trades $150,000 to Fleetwood for Gregg Jefferies, Jim Pittsley

Metropolis trades $50,000 to Plaza for Chuck McElroy

Florida trades Jeff Nelson to Columbus for Henry Rodriguez

Box City trades Jeff King, David Roberts, Box City 2002 #1 to Metropolis for Will Clark, Matt Mieske, Metropolis 2001 #3

Glen Allen trades Cal Eldred to Columbus for Columbus 2001 #5

North Georgia trades Vinny Castilla to Box City for Wade Boggs, Pat Strange

Stanley trades $60,000 to Columbus for Craig Paquette

Box City trades Brian Rose, Clayton Andrews, Billy Taylor to Long Island for Trevor Hoffman

Columbus trades Bob Wickman to Stanley for $175,000

Cook County trades Christian Guzman, Cliff Floyd, John Patterson, Todd Hundley, Cook County 2001 #1 to Iowa for Nomar Garciaparra

Cook County trades Mike Munoz, Cook County 2001 #4 to Glen Allen for JD Smart, Brian Williams


Metropolis trades Jeremy Giambi, Metropolis 2001 #1 to Ocala for Nick Johnson, Carlos Perez


Minnesota trades Jeffery Hammonds to Fleetwood for Wascar Serrano

Ocala trades Edgar Renteria, Joe Nathan, Eric Gagne, Ocala 2001 #1, $5,800,000 to North Georgia for Derek Jeter

Toledo trades David Segui to Minnesota for Frank Catalanotto, Matt Perisho, Minnesota 2001 #3, $2,000,000

Columbus trades Adam Everett, Mike Lowell, George Lombard, Greg Norton, Wilton Guerrero, Orlando Cabrera and cash to Toledo for Scott Rolen, Chris Brock, Ricky Gutierrez


Minnesota trades Heathcliff Slocumb, Minnesota 2002 #1 to Box City for Kevin Tapani

Minnesota trades David Segui to Ocala for Dan Miceli and Mark McLemore

St. Croix trades Nelson Cruz, Luis Lopez, $328,000 to Ocala for Luis Alicea, Doug Jones

Fleetwood trades Adam Everett to Ocala for James Mouton, Shannon Stewart

Cook County trades Kevin Appier, Gabe Kapler, David Ortiz, Matt Lecroy, Jaret Wright, Dan Reichert, conditional cash considerations in 2001 and 2002 to Bloomington for Pedro Martinez

Brooklyn trades Ruben Mateo, Jeff Weaver, Brooklyn 2002 #1, 2002 #1, $3,500,000 to Bloomington for Greg Maddux

Ocala trades Jeff Suppan, Ocala 2001 #2, #3, $1,500,000 to Toledo for Curt Schilling, Charlie Hayes

Brooklyn trades Jason LaRue, $500,000 to Box City for Paul O'Neill

Minnesota trades Mark McLemore to Bloomington for Greg Swindell

Minnesota trades Joe Mays to Raine for Racine 2001 #3