1997 Trades


Richmond trades Joe Randa, Milt Cuyler and John Wehner to Racine for Julio Franco

Cook County trades its 1998 #3 and $50,000 to Motor City for Jeff Parrett

Richmond trades Jason Giambi and Donnie Sadler to Naptown for Paul O'Neill and Neifi Perez

Richmond trades Chan Ho Park and Sterling Hitchcock to Iowa for Andres Galarraga and their 1997 #2

Bloomington trades $1,500,000 to Canyon Country for their 1997 Type A Compensation Pick and their 1997 #2

Portland trades Rafael Palmeiro to Bloomington for Scott Stahowiak, Jaret Wright, Long Island 1998 #1 and $4,000,000. (Stahowiak's contract paid by Bloomington)

Long Island trades Pat Meares to Bloomington for Long Island 1998 #2 and $400,000

Richmond trades Shawn Green to Racine for Royce Clayton

Midwest trades Roberto Kelly to Bloomington for their 1998 #3 and $400,000

Iowa trades Mel Nieves to Charlevoix (now Portland) for Edgardo Alfonzo

Richmond trades Armando Benitez, Jeff Juden, Socal 1997 #1 and Ben Grieve to Ann Arbor for TJ Mathews and Jay Powell


Portland trades Scott Rolen, Roger Bailey and Todd Van Poppel (paid) to Ann Arbor for Mariano Rivera, Tim Crabtree and Russ Davis

Minnesota trades Jeff Russell to Iowa for $10,000

Midwest trades Eli Marrero to Minnesota for Dave Hajek and their 1997 (?) #2

Cook County trades Butch Huskey and Carlos Baerga to Crown Point for Ray Durham, Rondell White and $500,000

East Indy trades Barry Larkin to Richmond for Royce Clayton, Dave Hollins, Neifi Perez, Darrin Jackson and $6,000,000

St. Lucie trades Rod Myers and Scot Brow to Wauwatosa for $200,000 and their 1997 (?) #3

Portland trades Vladimir Guerrero, Bip Roberts their 1997 (?) #2 and $500,000 to Cook County for Ray Durham and David McCarty

Motor City trades Mike Potts and Mickey Tettleton to Long Island for their 1999 #5 and $250,000

Richmond trades Chipper Jones, Sidney Ponson and Billy McMillion to Ann Arbor for Scott Rolen, Todd Zeile, Chuck Carr and $10,000,000

Richmond trades $250,000 to Motor City for Danny Jackson

Cook County trades Tim Worrell, Rickey Henderson and Richie Lewis to Portland for Derrek Lee, John Mabry, Jaret Wright, Mike Drumright and Kevin Tapani (paid)

Canyon Country trades Orel Hershiser, $1,200,000 and Norberto Martin to Cook County for Mark Leiter and their 1998 #5

Richmond trades Jose Canseco to Portland for Jermaine Dye and Jeff Suppan

North Adams trades Manny Ramirez to McGraw for Jeff Conine, Robb Nen, John Wasdin, their 1998#2 and $200,000

Wauwatosa trades Craig Biggio to Bloomington for Bret Boone, Ken Cloude, Steve Karsay, Willie Adams, Dermel Brown, Britt Reames and Dario Veras

Box City trades Vinny Castilla and $3,500,000 to Richmond for Jeff Suppan and John Vanderwal

Cook County trades John Mabry and Kevin Tapanito McGraw for Pete Harnisch, Pete Incaviglia and Francisco Cordova

MARCH 1997

Bloomington trades Steve Trachsel to Portland for Mariano Rivera

Midwest trades Jody Reed to Channel Islands for $300,000

Wauwatosa trades Mark Whiten and Jerome Walton to Motor City for Otis Nixon, Steve Dryer, Tyler Houston and Braden Looper

Canyon Country trades Danny Darwin and $1,000,000 to Bloomington for their 1998 #1, Jeff Darwin and Rich Robertson

Santa Barbara trades Kent Merker, Chris Hammond, Larry Thomas, Rickey Ledee and Sal Fasano to Ann Arbor for John Burkett

Motor City trades Jeff Brantley to McGraw for McGraw's 1998 #4

Cook County trades Ralph Milliard and $100,000 to Midwest for Cliff Floyd and theirn 1998 #4

Hessville trades Mike Busch to Cook County for $250,000

Hessville trades Jeffrey Hammonds, Rick Helling, Bobby Jones and $1,500,000 to East Indy for Curt Schilling

APRIL 1997

Portland trades Dave Magadan to Bloomington for $200,000 (with conditions based on Magadan's 1997 MLB performance)

Channel Islands trades Bobby Bonilla, Paul Wagner, Joey Eischen, Robert Perez, Andy Fox, Dough Johns and their 1998 #4 to Portland for Rickey Henderson, Pedro Astacio, Jose Hernandez, Bill Swift, their 1998 #3 and $300,000

Cook County trades Andy Fox to Channel Islands for Sherman Obando

Santa Barbara trades their 1998 #1 to Ocala for Allen Watson and $1,250,000

Santa Barbara trades Rick Aguilera, Wendell Magee, Tyler Green, Mike Bertotti, Mike Sirotka, Kevin Young and Mike Kelly to Albany for Steve Finley

Channel Islands trades Matt Lawton, Wade Boggs and Portland 1998 #3 to Albany for Gregg Jefferies, Jose Valentin, Steve Sparks and their 1998 #5

Richmond trades Russ Davis, their 1998 #3, and $500,000 to Channel Islands for John Wasdin

Richmond trades Amaurty Telemaco, their 1998 #3 and $500,000 to East Indy for Mark Wohlers and Kevin Mitchell

Cook County trades Sherman Obando to Canyon Country for $350,000

Channel Islands trades Robb Nen, Russ Davis, Jose Valentin, Eddie Murray and their 1998 #1 to Portland for Tim Worrell, Mel Nieves, Travis Fryman and Chris Gomez

Channel Islands trades Mark Grace, Amaury Telemaco and their 1998 #2 to Richmond for Todd Zeile, Jermaine Dye and Dave Valle

Richmond trades Andres Galarraga and $1,000,000 to Portlan for Russ Davis, Bill Mueller and their 1998 #3

MAY 1997

Hessville trades Andy Tomberlin to Minnesota for $50,00

Minnesota trades BJ Surhoff, Roger Pavlik, Ruben Amaro, their 1998 #1 and $500,000 to Canyon Country for Chuck Finley and Scott Brosius

Bloomington trades Ruben Sierra to Minnesota for $100,000

Channel Islands trades Jose Hernandez, their 1998 #3, 5, 1999 #2 and $1,600,000 to East Indy for Ed Sprague and Pep Harris

Santa Barbara trades Bill Pulsipher to Box City for $1,200,000

Wauwatosa trades Will Clark and their 1998 #4 to Channel Islands for JT Snow and McGraw 1998 #2

Channel Islands trades Wilson Alvarez, Todd Zeile and RM 1998 #4 to Santa Barbara for Sean Bergman, Dennis Eckersley, JT Snow, their 1998 #2 and $250,000

Canyon Country trades $180,000 to Box City for Brent Mayne

JULY 1997

Minnesota trades its 1998 #6 to Ocala for Toby Borland and $1,000,000

Santa Barbara trades Ozzie Fernandez to Portland for $1,500,000

Bloomington trades Dave Mlicki to Long Island for Matt Mieske (paid)

Cook County trades Mike Lieberthal to Iowa for Mike Bordick and their 1998 #6

Ocala trades Randy Joyhnson to Albany for Todd Helton and their 1998 #1

Richmond trades Damian Easley to St. Lucie for Todd Dunwoody and their 1998 #3

Santa Barbara trades its1998 #3 to Ann Arbor for Kent Merker

Albany trades Doug Drabek to Box City for $250,000

Richmond trades Barry Larkin and Bill Mueller to Box City for Jeff Blauser and their 1998 #3

Box City trades Greg Zaun and $750,000 to Santa Barbara for John Burkett

Richmond trades Vinny Castilla (paid) and John Wasdin to Naptown for Daryl Kile and Adrian Beltre

Richmond trades Donovan Osborne to Wauwatosa for Steve Avery

Portland trades Andy Pettitte and Channel Islands 1998 #1, 4 to Cook County for Francisco Cordova and Brady Anderson

Naptown trades Arthur Rhodes to Richmond for Box City 1998 #3 and St. Lucie 1998 #3


Box City trades Glenn Murray to Albany for Paul Byrd

Albany trades $50,000 to Portland for Danny Bautista

Cook County trades Brian L Hunter and their 1998 #2 to Iowa for Ray Lankford


Ocala trades Jorge Fabregas to Minnesota for Scott Brosius, Bill Haselman and $875,000

Minnesota trades Tino Martinez to Cook County for Brian Giles


Minnesota trades Bill Spiers to Wauwatosa for Braden Looper, McGraw 1998 #1 and $100,000

Channel Island trades Reggie Sanders and Warren Newson to Richmond for Bernard Gilkey and Craig Grebeck

Naptown trades Vinny Castilla to Cook County for Dean Palmer and Chris Snopek


Naptown trades Jeff Reboulet to Santa Barbara for $100,000

Richmond trades Alex Fernandez and $1,600,000 to Albany for Scott Spiezio and Mike Sirotka

East Indy trades David Cone to St. Lucie for Tim Belcher, Aramis Ramirez, Hideki Irabu and $1,000,000

Channel Island trades Jermaine Dye, Craig Grebeck, Mark Sweeney and Santa Barbara 1998 #2 to ? for Royce Clayton

Channel Island trades Ed Sprague, Gregg Jefferies, Craig Shipley, Raul Ibanez, Kevin Brown (AM) and Wauwatosa 1998 #4 to Florida for Marquis Grissom, Ryne Sandberg and Florida's 1999 #4

Santa Barbara trades Jeff Reboulet and Alex Arias to Milwaukee for Brent Butler

Hanover trades Richard Hidalgo to Richmond for Reggie Jefferson

Wauwatosa trades Heathcliff Slocumb, their 1998 Bonus Pick, Jason Varitek and $840,000 to Iowa for Jeff Nelson

Channel Island trades Frank Rodriguez, Pete Schourek and Billy Swift to East Indy for Mark Gardner, Dan Plesac, Channel Island 1998 #5 and $700,000

Richmond trades Jimm Pittsley, Steve Avery and Todd Dunwoody to Milwaukee for Esteban Loaiza

Naptown trades Chris Jones to Box City for Paul Byrd

Richmond trades Adrian Beltre, Terrell Wade, Braind Anderson, Chuck Carr and $3,650,000 to Portland for Curt Schilling

Minnesota trades their 1999 #2 to Iowa for Craig Paquette

Richmond trades Chuck Finley to Carolina for Derrick Gibson